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This Memorial Day weekend marks 7 years in Flower Mound for A Unique Boutique and Spa. We would like to thank each and everyone of our clients for your continued support and hope that we can continue being your spa for skincare and massage. Keep watching for more treatments and services coming soon.

What's the difference? Chronological vs. Environmental aging:

We know our skin will age eventually, but here's what you may not know. How we age depends on numerous factors, including UV exposure, genetics and simply, how our facial muscles move over time. The impact of intrinsic (chronological) and extrinsic (environmental) aging comes down to one question: How much can we control?

Chronological aging
Skin aging is a natural process that begins the day we're born. Like other genetic predispositions, our skin is pre-programmed to age a certain way. And unlike environmental aging, the intrinsic aging process can be difficult to mediate.

Environmental aging
Approximately 80% of aging occurs due to extrinsic factors, such as UV exposure, pollution and lifestyle choices like smoking. Collagen fibers and elastin decrease, and gravity and repeated muscular contractions give way to the location--frequency--of wrinkles.

While chronological aging is mostly predetermined, healthy lifestyle choices, diligent skincare and esthetician intervention can help to improve its visible signs. We recommend a diet of professional peels and clinical skincare to address signs of aging and promote youthful-looking skin throughout the years.

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